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Addison Alley

Addison Alley

What is Addison?

Addison is a question wrapped inside an enigma, wrapped inside a paradox, wrapped inside some sort of a fried batter, served with your choice of fries or house salad. He is also best accompanied with a cold Dr Pepper. When not riding his domesticated white rhinos into battle against any series of imaginary enemies (accompanied by his imaginary friends), Addison is a super-senior microbiology major at BYU (super meaning he is in his 5th year of college, not super-powers or uniqueness, though he does possess the former and his mother would argue on behalf of the latter). He is currently applying to medical school and now understands why interrogators will often force suspects to fill out secondary applications as a strategy to make them break.

While on a secret mission/study abroad program that brought him to London, he met Abby Hartman. He eventually decided to flirt with all of the girls on the trip but her. They were married the following summer. Abby is now Addison’s sugar-mama, working the glamorous, luxurious life of a middle-school teacher.

Addison loves Star Wars, LOST, Fringe, Community, and bacteria. Do not mention them around him unless you like to hear him talk.

Addison records a lot of music; too much if you as me. You can find it here:

Marshall vs. The Machine