Team:BYU Provo/Team Thermosensor/Week3


Team BYU Provo

BYU Provo

Week 3 (May 1-7)


Ran gel on colony PCR products. Faint bands that are a bit above 1500bp are visible. Much bolder bands visible further down the gel. Not sure if pBAD inserted or not. Set up overnights using colonies 4 and 5 (the faint bands were darkest here). We plan to have these colonies sequenced to find out for sure if pBAD did insert.


Left overnights in for two nights! Going to proceed with plasmid prep—it’s up to QIAgen now. Set up PCR to amplify LacZ, used phusion polymerase. Lengthened extension time to six minutes on PCR machine. Used plasmid JHG526 as our template DNA.