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15 October 2011

Like a bolt of lightening, we realized that we had been growing the beta-galactosidase o-NPG overnights in LB that had no arabinose. Without arabinose, the pBAD promoter would not allow transcription of our thermosensor and the lacZ gene. This just further proved our concept of an AND gate, but had foiled our beta-gal assay.

18 October 2011

We repeated our beta-gal assay this time remembering to use the broth that has arabinose for the overnights and not just the diluted cultures. After running the assay this time, all our controls worked wonderfully. Our actual experimental runs however did not work, confusing us a little.

21 October 2011

Time flies! One week until the next wiki freeze.

We reviewed the goals from last week and made some updates:

  1. Beta-gal assay on Tuesday - Devin, Addison, Mark
  2. Modeling Research on Wednesday - Julius, Matt, Mackay
  3. Matt compare delta-g's from various sources online and correlate with qualitative info
  4. Julius, use false data points to create framework for thermosensor graphs, and Hill coefficients, to be ready for actual data
  5. Primer Design Today - Julie, Chet
  6. Presentation, add RNA alignment with mutations indicated- Addison
  7. SoxS testing 26th Oct or sooner - Matt and Mackay
  8. Outreach planning: get supplies and plan activities at Wasatch elementary- Julie
  9. Wiki curator, upload video from Indianapolis - Lawrence
  10. Poster curator forever - Chet
  11. Thank you notes for ORCA, the Dean, and MMBio - Mark, do you want to be in charge of organizing this?