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27 September 2011

Everyone was rushing around today trying to finish work before the wiki freeze tomorrow.

Julius was working hard on the math modeling of our AND gate system.

Julius Math.JPG

Julie, Mark and Devin all frantically purifying thermosensor plasmids to stick in the mail and overnight to Boston.

Lawrence was updating the wiki constantly, because frazzled team members needed help uploading notebook pages.


Dr. Grose was relieved when the BYU sequencing center was able to get the thermosensor sequences to her (the sequencing center had been off-line for almost two weeks).

It was a week of late nights, early mornings, and many discarded pipette tips, but with one day to go, it looks like we'll make it.

4 October 2011

First attempt at a beta-galactosidase assay with o-NPG failed. Only one of the positive controls turned yellow, so we are obviously doing something wrong or our reagents have gone bad.

7 October 2011

Second attempt at the beta-galactosidase assay was worse, only a slight hint of yellow in one of our positive controls. Due to our approaching trip to Indiana, we scrapped the assay before finishing and finished tweaking our poster and presentation.