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BYU Provo

30 August 2011

After plasmid minipreps with the new low-copy constructs, Matt electroporated them into the correct wild-type or OxyR- strains.

Chet, underlining the final construct plans.

31 August 2011

Mackay set up a PCR reaction with high-fidelity polymerase, to amplify our katG and hemH promoters with new restriction sites, in order to clone them into the thermosensor team's construct with minimal work. Matt came in later that night to set up overnights for the next day's plate reader experiments.

1 September 2011

Matt and Mackay were in the lab bright and early to run the plate reader experiment with the new low-copy constructs, and with their minds made up to make no mistakes whatsoever. Indeed, it was basically a flawless execution. All constructs were run in triplicate. The data looked great:

Plate Reader Experiment Results 1 Sept 2011

As can be seen in the top graph, one promoter/oxyR combination construct gave much-increased transcription and expression of GFP. We went home very content.