Team:BYU Provo/Team Thermosensor/Week17


Team BYU Provo

BYU Provo


Week 17 (Aug. 7 - 13)


Redid overnights to freeze down pBADLAT and pBADLATlacZ

Moved Dr. Grose’s 4 slice plate to the fridge from the 37o to the fridge


IGM 29- T26-1 (col. 2) (pIG 12)

IGM 30- T26-1 (col. 5) (pIG 13)

IGM 31- T36-2 (col. 7) (pIG 15)

IGM 32- T36-2 (col. 3) ( pIG 16)

Boiled Template (T47-1) placed in freezer

Streaked plates T47-1,2, & 3 from Dr. Grose’s 4 colony plate

T47-1 placed in 37oC at 3:25 pm

T47-2&3 placed in 30oC at 3:25pm (2 plates because T47-2 might have gotten messed up)

These plates are to see if there is any difference in expression of lacZ at 30oC vs. 37o



pBAD PCR, according to standard phusion protocol. Used primers IG37 and IG38

Looked at 37oC plate compared to 30oC plate. Thermosensor A is white on 30oC plate, but a very dark blue on the 37oC plate. Thermosensors B,C, and D show no apparant difference

Not sure why these thermosensors are acting differently.

Restreaked thermosensor A, and picked several more colonies to compare. Chose colonies and labeled them E-N. Double plated each of these colony streaks one in each 30oC and 37oC, Colony A was repeated as a control to the additional new colonies.



Colonies A, I, and J white at 30oC, and blue at 37oC

Set up overnights of these colonies in 5ml LB-Amp. Incubating at 37oC in shaker overnight



Plasmid preps of A, I, and J got messed up. Re-did with 5ml LB-Amp and put in 37oC shaker.


Set up transformation with pIG16 (plasmid with everything but thermosensor) and DH5alpa cells. Doing this to make sure there is no leaky lacZ expression. Std. transformation protocol. (T49-1)



Placed T49-1 and overnights A, I, and J in fridge