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BYU Provo

11 July 2011

Matt set up restriction digest with the GFP/Katg plasmid (pIG14). Also, he set up overnights for several constructs in order to purify the plasmid the next day.

12 July 2011

Matt re-did the ligation with the OxyR-Med fragment and the HemH promoter.

He also purified the plasmids from the overnights on 11 July, and entered them into the team database.

14 July 2011

Mackay came in and tried the OxyR-Med ligation again. Since it hasn't been working, we checked the iGEM website. We realized that the "medium" strength synthetic promoter we got from iGEM was actually the "strong" promoter. So, we think this OxyR-Med maybe is cloning, but simply overwhelms the cells with too much OxyR expression and inhibits growth.