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Team BYU Provo

BYU Provo

14 October 2011

First team meeting since Indiana! Lot's to do to be ready for the World Championships:

Here's our assignments from today:

  1. Beta-gal assay on Tuesday - Devin, Addison, Mark
  2. Modeling Research on Wednesday - Julius, Matt, Mackay
  3. Primer Design Today - Julie, Chet
  4. Presentation curator forever - Addison
  5. SoxS testing 26th Oct or sooner - Matt and Mackay
  6. Outreach planning - Dr. Grose and Julie
  7. Wiki curator - Lawrence (already done I see ... very nice)
  8. Poster curator forever - Chet
  9. Thank you notes for ORCA, the Dean, and MMBio - Mark, do you want to be in charge of organizing this?