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1 August 2011

Mackay set up PCR to re-amplify OxyR-medium. Left note for Rob to run on gel when he came in next. Matt elaborated on the previous to-do list from July 28th:

  1. List of plasmids and into which strains they go for electroporation:
    • SoxRW (pIG24) into SoxR-
    • SoxRM(pIG25) into SoxR-
    • SoxRS(pIG26) into SoxR-
    • HemH/OxyRW (pIG22) into OxyR-
    • HemH/OxyRS (pIG23) into OxyR-
    • KatG/OxyRW (pIG19) into OxyR-
    • KatG/OxyRS (pIG20) into OxyR-
  2. Plan plate reader protocol
  3. Move (in database) IGM22-26 to plasmid section and rename to pIG22-26. Improve descriptions.

2 August 2011

Matt did electroporations with Dr. Grose using the newly-ordered SoxR- and OxyR- strains.

Diligent Julie, writing in the notebook.

3 August 2011

Matt made more to-do lists for mundane lab tasks such as making LB-amp plates, and stating the obvious such as "try ligations such-and-such over again". He also noted that from the previous day's electroporation attempt, all but two (IGM22 and 27) worked and gave colonies, though only IGM23's colonies turned green.

5 August 2011

Matt and Rob were up very early and in the lab by 7:00 am to perform the plate-reader experiment with the newly constructed plasmids, in their newly electroporated strains. Their hands were tired from so much pipetting, but they did manage to finish around 1:00 pm with some data in hand:

Plate Reader Experiment Results

The sharp, green peak caught our interest. Since we hadn't done the experiment in duplicate even, the data point that caused the sharp contrast could have been an outlier, but we were excited nonetheless.