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2 May 2011

The ligation didn't work, from last week. We re-digested the pPlat/GFP vector and did another PCR cleanup/digest with our small promoter fragments (HemH and KatG).

3 May 2011

Today, Dr. Grose helped us run the restriction digest on the vector and HemH/KatG inserts. We did it all in her lab so she can pull them off the 37 degree heating plate. We pre-poured the low-melt gel for tomorrow.

4 May 2011

We ran the digests on the low-melt gel. Dr. Grose wants to cut out the slices herself, so we wrapped the gel in plastic wrap and stored it in the fridge. The bands showed up "okay".


Dr. Grose cut slices out, but said next time we shouldn't run the KatG and HemH inserts on the gel because they're too small.

6 May 2011

Ran the ligation again with Dr. Grose's gel slices. Transformed into DH5a and hoped for the best.