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The supervising team


Aljoscha Wahl

Since 2008 I am teaching at TU Delft in the Biotechnology department. In our research we focus on in-vivo metabolism of yeast, penicillium chrysogenum and to less extend E.coli. Quantitative analysis of metabolic fluxes and concentrations is challenging and only by using tracer experiments and extensive modeling can elucidate intracellular processes with sufficient precision.

iGEM has a close connection to my teaching and research, experiments, assay development and modeling. For me iGEM is the way to go in education – challenge yourself with a design and make it work, plus the fun iGEM is as a growing, motivated community.Looking forward to the Jamborees and see all the amazing work done at iGEM!

Esengül Yildirim

For several years, I, Esengül Yildirim, have been employed at Kluyver laboratory for Biotechnology at the Enzymology section as a supporting staff member on education and research. My research focusses on expression of membrane associated oxidoreductases. In addition, I supervise several Bachelor and Master students that are doing their internship at our department. As soon as I learned about the iGEM competition, I was immediately enthusiastic and made my molecular laboratory available for the summer period. Now iGEM is a recurring event at our department. Together with three colleagues, Anne, Aljoscha and Alessandro, I will supervise this year's iGEM team. Hopefully, this year's multidisciplinary team will perform well and will make it trough to the World Championship Jamboree in Boston. 

Alessandro Abate

I'm a system theorist and control engineer who has been charmed by the fundamental questions that biology tries to give an answer to, and yet who believes in formal and engineering approaches to tackle such questions. My research interests are in the analysis, control, and verification of probabilistic and hybrid systems, and in their general application over a number of domains, particularly in systems biology.

Anne Meyer

I have been a professor in the Department of Bionanoscience at TU Delft since January 2011. My laboratory utilizes techniques of biochemistry and microbiology to study processes of stress response in bacteria. In particular we are currently interested in biocrystallization, a phenomenon in which bacteria condense their chromosome into a highly compacted linear array that can provide protection from damaging environmental conditions. I have enjoyed learning about the iGEM competition in previous years, and I am thrilled to be able to take part in helping with the challenge this year!

Katelijne Bekers

I am a third-year PhD student at TU Delft in the Biotechnology department. In the section Bioprocess Technology I do research on the redox metabolism of yeast and its relation to bioethanol production and ethanol stress. As a part of my PhD I am involved in education, which I enjoy a lot. Having the opportunity to supervise iGEM allows me to be involved in a unique project with fascinating challenges, surprising results and great teamwork.

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