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Our Brainstorming Sessions

In order to find the best idea for our iGEM project consecutive brainstorming meetings took place from April until early May. Our main goal was a topic that could give to all the members of our team the satisfaction and energy to be productive and enthusiastic working for iGEM during all summer!

We divided all the potentially topics in seven basic categories which are listed below:

• Food & Energy

• Environment

• Information Processing

• Health & Medication

• Foundational Advance

• Manufacturing

• New applications

List of our Ideas

In this point we would like to share some of our ideas which maybe will inspire future iGEM teams! Maybe some ideas seem to be “crazy” but there are no limits in imagination and creativity…Right?

• Bio-glue/Controllable biofilms (The Winner!!! )

• Radioactive Sensing and/or cleaning

• Nitrogen Fixation systems

• Non-Methane producing bacteria

• Detection of internal nutrition

• CO detection

• Atlantic garbage patch

• “Help” the bees and everyone

• Plastic decomposition

• Biodegrading soap

• Reduce nitrogen pollution

• Heat producing cells

• Iron eating bacteria

• Bioleaching

• Bio-rubber

• Metal dissolving bacteria

• Detecting HIV and/or cancer cells

• Headache stopper

• Smelling diseases

• CO2 fixation

• Surface cleaner

• Anti-plaque bacteria

• Bacterial solar cells

• Nano reactors

• Construct/destroy biofilms

• Piranha bacteria

• CO2 binding concrete

• Microbial gaming

• IGEM wars

• Sudoku

• Lie detector

• Bacterial guns

• Bacterial economy

• Bacteria Food Analyzers

• Anti-oxidizing bacteria

• Bacteria paint “protectors”

• Vanish cigarette smoke from air/clean cigarette smoke from clothes

• “Perfume” bacteria

• Obesity/frog peptide

• Library for posttranslational modifications

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