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The team members


Carsten Blom

I am a 23 year old Cell Factory student and fascinated by how life, and specifically microbial life, functions. Therefore I dedicate my time and effort to find out. After having expanded and improved my skills in management and sales, I have set my path toward science.
In my master Cell Factory I focus on how we could harness or cooperate with nature's ingenuity for the use in industry. Outside of my study I enjoy reading, running and making trips with my motorcycle.

Tania Chroumpi

I am twenty-four years old and I was born and raised in Alexandroupolis of Greece. I completed my bachelor studies on Biology, in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and at the moment I am doing the master of Life Science and Technology in TU Delft, following the track of Cell Factory. In between, I was working, doing my internship, for CEFAS in UK.
Beside my studies, I enjoy diving, horse riding, dancing and playing volleyball.

Janneke van Renterghem

I am a twenty-four year old Life Science and Technology student. I was born in Eindhoven and I was raised in Veldhoven en Middelburg. After my VWO diploma I studied for two years veterinary science in Gent, Belgium. In 2007 I started Life Science and technology on the TU Delft and University of Leiden. At the moment I’m doing my first year of my master in Delft. I’m doing two tracks: Biochemical Engineering and Cell Factory.
Further I love playing field hockey, sailing, diving and cooking.

Esmee Joosten

I’m the youngest of the team with my twenty years of life experience. I’m in my third year of the bachelor Life Science and Technology. In my first year I was a member of the study trip committee of Study Association LIFE. I’m currently a member of the Symposium committee which organizes a symposium in the spring of 2012. Besides my study I like to skate and dance salsa. I also enjoy playing the guitar and going to concerts and festivals.

Krijn Warringa

I am twenty-two years of age and I was born and raised in Tilburg. After my VWO diploma I went to Australia for a year of exploration and travel. In 2008 I started with studying Molecular Science & Technology and I settled in Delft. Beside my study I like taking part in commissions and projects. My hobbies are field hockey, golf and I am also interested in philosophy.

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