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The Focus

Bacteria can be good or bad. This is the way of saying that bacteria are respectively beneficial or harmful for human beings. Good bacteria have always existed. Some species help humans to digest certain foods, others are important in the production process of, for example, milk, cheese or yogurt. There are even bacterial species that help agriculture by fixating nitrogen for more fertile croplands. This majority of all species are harmless to humans.

Although the bad bacteria are a minority, they are well known. These species can spoil food or make you sick. Take for example ''Salmonella enterica'' that is a natural part of the chicken’s flora. Chickens have no problems with this bacteria strain, but humans can get very sick because of this little brad. Al together we have to respect what they do for us, but have to watch out which bacteria we catch. The iGEM TU Delft want to raise attention for the good bacteria simply because they deserve it!

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