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Working with biological material is essential to take under consideration issues like biosafety and biosecurity. Biosafety is the prevention of large-scale loss of biological material, such as pathogens and toxins, unintentionally or accidentally, focusing both on ecology and human health. So, biosafety is mostly focused on the biological nature of the organism than the nature of the treat.

On the other hand, when we are talking about biological material intentional release, abuse, or any other new threat (i.e. new artificial bacteria, or robots), biosecurity is the most relevant field, which addresses these complex treats.

As a result, while, as an iGEM team, we are working in a biological lab, it was very important to take all the necessary precautions and explorations into account. So in our Safety Proposal page we address all the risks, safety and security concerns correlated to Synthetic Biology and our project, but additionally we are giving our view about future issues that may arise. Finally, in this page we also give our aspect on biological safety questions raised by iGEM.

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