Team:UEA-JIC Norwich/Weekfive


University of East Anglia-JIC



A start to the week with everyone contemplating what has already been done and what we think is best to move forward successfully with the project, unbelievable how fast week 5 came along. We also performed a transformation in E.coli using the G-Luc sent to from cambridge.


Our E.coli cells with the G-Luc plasmid grew nicely and we then picked off a colony to make a culture which was left to grow overnight.


Today a miniprep was performed on our transformed E.coli cells containing the G-Luc plasmid, it looks like everything went according to plan. A glycerol stock of the transformed cells was also made so we can use them for future experiments.


The Moss people of the team decided to start pouring plates today for a near future transformation, unfortunately right after forty plates had been poured one of the members of the group came to a horrific realisation that they had missed including an essential ingredient. All plates had to be discarded, what a nightmare. A gel of our miniprep from the previous day was performed today, sadly there was no presence of a band for the G-Luc. Today the team did not have much luck.


Another attempt miniprepping the transformed E.coli cells with G-Luc was performed today, all hoping tomorrow we see a band present in the gel.

Kimberley met with Kay Yeoman to finalise her lesson plan for the first outreach event.