Team:UEA-JIC Norwich/Weekone


University of East Anglia-JIC



Everybody came into the John innes centre and had a meeting to discuss team roles. Members of the team had nominated themselves for roles within the team and these were then decided upon amongst the rest of the team. The conclusion was that Alistair has the public relations role, Kimberley is the outreach co-ordinator, Mario and and Mark are co-lab managers, Jazz is the project coordinator and Ben Jevans and Gurdeep are the co-wiki managers. Abbie is the finance lady and Ben Hardy is the team administrator. After lunch we had a meeting with the HR department and gave our details to be put onto the database. Before the end of the day, the team had a quick brainstorm, to decide which direction our project would take.


Most of the team arrived at 9am sharp, except a select few. We began the day with a meeting with Iv who is the building lab manager, who spent talking to us about accessing protocols and conducting our selves within the lab. This then led to a lunch break. The team resumed after lunch by beginning a health and safety talk, which lasted for 2.5 hours. Even though this was very long, it was necessary for the team to be aware of all the health and safety precautions to take within the lab.


The team came into work with no internet access to eduroam, which slowed down their research drastically on their personal laptops. Therefore, they then had to visit the IT department at the JIC to obtain access to computers on site. The majority of the day was spent brainstorming on the main focus of the project within the library.


The team were still having trouble accessing internet through their laptops, which resulted in Gurdeep walking over to the UEA campus to resolve the internet issues in the morning. In the afternoon, the team had brainstorming sessions, which resulted in members of the team being split over at the library looking at journals. Mark and Mario worked on ordering essential lab consumables for the arduous lab work to come.


The morning was spent attending a lecture at the auditorium at the JIC about the detection of small molecules, then Ben and Gurdeep worked on the wiki, whilst all other members carried out research. After lunch, the team had a brainstorm over ideas for the project and then prepared for the meeting at 4pm, to give an update to our advisors, to the direction in which our project was heading. The team were very enthusiastic on bioluminescence.