Team:UEA-JIC Norwich/Weekseven


University of East Anglia-JIC



UK team meet! Well done to Ben, Kimberley and Jazz who delivered a great presentation! A night out in Norwich with the UK iGEM teams followed the end of a successful day.


Second day of the UK team meet!


The morning consisted of a team meeting, consolidating after the team meet. Gurdeep carried out some wiki research and carried out work on the header template for the wiki. After lunch, Gurdeep and Ben Jevans carried out a PCR with our advisor Mel, followed by gel electrophoresis, which confirmed the presence of the DNA. It was a relief that the PCR finally worked. Abbie, Alistair and Ben Hardy did a miniprep, restriction digest and ran several gels to finally confirm successful extraction of their plasmid but it was unsuccessful. Jazz, Kimberley, Ben and Alistair had a discussion on our human practice strategy. Mark and Mario successfully obtained a Quikchange lightning kit.


Kimberley, Jazz, Mario and Mark located a microscope in order to work out cell counts for algae transformations and worked out the BioBricks that they will transform the algae with on friday. Ben Jevans and Gurdeep carried out a site directed mutagenesis followed by Gel electrophoresis. Gurdeep worked on the banner and the layout for the home page of the wiki. Ben also worked on the wiki, by creating coloured boxes for the home page.


Mark and Mario attempted another chlamydomonas transformation using the G-Luc plasmid making a few revisions to the original protocol to optimize transformation efficiency. Ben Jevans and Gurdeep performed a transformation with cells mutated via site directed mutagenesis and plated the transformants on phleomycin plates to be left for incubation till the next day. Ben Jevans and Gurdeep also performed a nanodrop to test the concentration of DNA available in the acquired sample. Abbie, Alistair and Ben all performed another mini-prep of the moss plasmid.


Mario and Mark performed a transformation of a ribosome binding site Biobrick in E.coli and also made new algae culture from colonies that had been previously grown on plates. Kimberley and Jazz wrote up their evaluations of the first outreach event.