Team:UEA-JIC Norwich/Weekthree


University of East Anglia-JIC



Today, we spent the morning researching moss and received our sample of algae in a nappy! A slideshow of photos was embedded onto the home page of the wiki and then we had lunch. After lunch we carried out transformations with 5 different biobricks, where the details can be viewed in the lab journal.


Today a transformation was carried out using the dual regulated light response system Biobrick, all hoping that it will be a potentially useful part in our future plans.


The transformed E.coli was recuperated from its overnight incubation and then a single colony was picked off the plate and placed into LB-broth to grow overnight ready for tomorrow.


Today the team attempt their first ever miniprep of the culture grown on the previous day, it may of been done slowly but more importantly carefully and precise. A glycerol stock was also made of the grown culture so we may preserve the the cells to be used another day.


In the morning we ran a gel of our Miniprep of the BBA_M30109 transformed E.coli cells. The Gel showed that we had indeed successfully isolated the plasmid from our cells, and so in the evening (LATE into the evening) we ran PCR protocol to try and amplify the specific gene we wanted from the plasmid (Cph8) We also continued to arrange the UK meet up, adding up numbers that were coming and trying to find speakers. We also added some finishing touches to the logo and placed it onto a business card for the team.