Team:UEA-JIC Norwich/Weekfourteen


University of East Anglia-JIC



These were then ran on a gel which gave a mixture of good and bad results yet again. A restriction digest was performed on Alistair’s CaMV promoter to see if it had been inserted and it was found that it had been unsuccessful. Due to time constraints, the CaMV promoter was therefore stopped. Mario and Mark today carried on with a new activity involving interviewing random civilians as part of our human practice. Ben Jevans wrote up the evaluation of the UK iGEM team meet and uploaded it onto the wiki.


A restriction digest was carried out by Ben Jevans today, this was executed on the pSAD promoter in the chloramphenicol plasmid and the pSAD terminator/ARG-biosynthesis gene in the pGEM-T easy vector. A gel was then ran, the outcome looked promising and a gel extraction commenced. After this a ligation reaction was carried out subjecting the pSAD promoter to the pSAD terminator in the chloramphenicol plasmid. Mark and Mario carried on further with interviewing and trying to gather as much data for human practices as possible.
Kimberley met with Jenni Rant to finalise her lesson plan and print of the worksheets needed for the SAW project. She also finished off her desert setting ready for the following day.


Abbie designed and ordered team t-shirts.
Kimberley carried out her SAW project at Carbrooke primary school with the science starting off the day followed by the writing and the art finishing off the day.
A transformation was carried out using the products of ligation from the previous day, they were plated on LB plates containing the antibiotic chloramphenicol and then left to incubate overnight. Kim today went to the schools as part of the outreach section of the project, trying to get the positive message of synthetic biology across the globe and educate them on some of the prospects it has to offer.


Cultures are made from colonies grown on plates constructed on the previous day. More interviews done, things are slowly drawing to an end.
Images selected and evaluation of SAW project written up. Also data analysis of the responses from children in the school took place.


Ben Jevans performs a miniprep of the cultures grown and then restriction digests the differing plasmid containing the pSAD promoter and pSAD terminator. This was then ran on a gel, the image observed shows uncertain results. Mario and Mark compile the last few interviews and begin working on with the wiki! Kimberley uploaded all information about her SAW project onto the wiki.