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Interview Eleven

Question 1: Do you know what Synthetic Biology is?

Making something out of something which isn’t natural. Its man made biology, not natural biology.

Question 2: How do you feel about Synthetic Biology?

If outcome is useful and can be applied then it is a good thing. Shouldn’t be used to mess around, should have an end application.

Question 3: Why do you feel this way?

Science in general should be applied to make useful outcomes such as medicine. Things that make life easier or improve quality of life.

Question 4: Has the media influenced your opinion?

I don’t think so, haven’t seen anything to do with that (Synthetic Biology).

Question 5: Do you know what Genetic Modification is?

Its modifying genetics, changing an organism’s genes, but not necessarily all of them but at least one.

Question 6: How do you feel about Genetic Modification?

Again it is useful as they do it for potatoes and crops and stuff. Not sure why but guess it’s useful, that is what you hear.

Question 7: Why do you feel this way?

Stuff you hear in the news, and people having problems with it. Read in Science textbooks but can’t remember why due to time since reading them. Mixed opinions on it.

Question 8: Has the media influenced your opinion?

Yes I guess so, they always have bad stories about GM, however this doesn’t mean I think it is completely bad but I need to further read up on it. I have mixed feelings towards it.

Question 9: Do you think either of the above approaches could help the world? and if so, how?

Not entirely sure what can be done with them, however if scientists could use them to make a better standard of living or improve life then they are good. I know GM is involved in crop science and increases yield which is a good thing. I know older generations worry about what they put into their systems so are worried that they could cause harm. I do not have much of an opinion as I do not know that much.

Question 10: would you feel different about either approach if more information was readily available?

Yes, if it was easier to understand then it would be better. Something aimed more at the general public rather than in science textbooks. Sounds scary due to lack of information.