iGEMers on iGEM

What happens to iGEM alumni after the Jamboree?

To answer these questions, the 2011 Cambridge team conducted a census of iGEM alumni and a series of interviews. Take the questionnaire here, read our discussion, or see some of our results.

For the alumni kind enough to grant us more time we report their experiences of life after iGEM. As well as providing the quotes and case studies in our report, you can see excerpts from their interviews. (With thanks to Veronica Ranner for assistance in filming)

Why talk to iGEMmers?

After a talk on best practice for Human Practices projects by Andy Balmer at the UK iGEM meetup, we were inspired to focus on the underexplored areas of synthetic biology and its influence. We decided to focus on an introspective look at iGEM, asking the alumni, and ourselves, how this competition is changing the way we study, network and live.