Our core team was made of 9 Cambridge University undergraduates from a wide range of courses. There were 4 biologists, three engineers, one physicist and one mathematician. While every member of the group broadened their knowledge, our different areas of expertise allowed us to simultaneously approach problems from many angles.

We were also aided by a student from the Royal College of Art (RCA) who was able to provide us with a completely different perspective on our work. Her advice and creative input was invaluable to our project.

We were advised by several academics (both from within the university and externally), both professors and PhD students, who provided technical assistance and insight. They all did a fantastic job of providing positive feedback, without guiding the direction of our project.

With the team's budget especially tight this year due to the increased cost of the competition, our sponsors were invaluable - they contributed the reagents, kits and cash which enabled us to take part.


Work carried out primarily by our advisors is clearly labelled as such. In particular we are grateful to Paul Grant for assistance operating the confocal and for his advice during our microscopy, and to Matthwe Hawkeye (or collaborator in the Nanophotonics Dept) for assisting Felix in making thin films and in measuring spectral properties of reflectin. Unless otherwise stated, all work recorded on the wiki was carried out by the students. Credit for the wiki code to team member Haydn King

From left to right: Haydn, Jonathan, Marta, Heather, Katy, Cat, Matt, Joe and Felix