Our project involved learning many new skills - quite a few of our team had never worked in a biology lab before iGEM.

This section is split into two main parts:


Here you can find information about each of the experiments we performed during the competition, and the results we achieved. Each experiment page details the scientific reasoning behind our actions at each stage, but does not give step by step instructions as to how to perform them.


This section lists all the methodological protocols that we followed in our labwork. Each protocol states the motive for following the protocol, its input and output, troubleshooting tips where appropriate and the safety precautions which should be taken. These protocols are provided partly because they served as a useful reference for us during the project and partly for the interest of the reader and her use.

Other Sub-Areas

The Laboratory section provides a reference of all the constructs we made during the competition. It also contains our dedicated safety page, which gives information about the more general safety implications of working with GM materials and toxic waste disposal among other things.