BluSci Magazine

Our project was featured in Cambridge University's BlueSci magazine (which highlights science stories written by students and university members). Read it here. Thanks for writing go to team member Katy Wei.

Dynamic Iridescence

This thin film exhibits a colourful response when exposed to water vapour! The insert is showing spectrographic data.

Our reflectin thin films exhibit rapid colour changes on exposure to water vapour. This is one of our samples, breathed on for a moment, it rapidly changes colour, scanning through the visible spectrum as the vapour evaporates and the films thickness changes size again.

See more flash videos of thin films here!

BBC Horizon

Our team will feature in an upcoming edition of BBC Horizon, a series exploring topical scientific issues and their effects for the future. The one off special will investigate synthetic biology and it's effect on the wider society.

The BBC approached several iGEM teams for an interview asking for a video introducing the team, below is our successful submission. Filming for the programme is scheduled for the 22nd of September - the day after the wiki freeze.

Flickr PhotoStream

Below is a selection of images from our photostream.