Our Sponsors

Cambridge's iGEM team wouldn't have been able to do much without the generous support of funding bodies and biotechnology companies.

If you would like to sponsor Team Bactiridescence please browse our brochure . We are extremely grateful to the following establishments who have already contributed to our project:

Cam2011 wellcome.gif The Wellcome Trust provided stipends for all the students, without which none would have been able to take part
Cam2011 NEB.jpg We would like to thank NEB for their generous supply of Phusion Polymerase
ICL Qiagen.jpg We are grateful to QIAGEN for the provision of several molecular biology kits
Cam2011 cambio.jpg Cambio has generously provided a monetary donation
Cam2011 ThistleScientific.jpg Thistle Scientific offered us very helpful samples of ABT his-trap resin for protein purification
Cam ABT logo.png Thanks to our sponsor Thistle Scientific's partners ABT
Cam2011 dna20.gif Thanks go to DNA 2.0 for a very generous synthesis budget!
Cam A-Promega Logo.jpg We are grateful to Promega for their generous donation.
Cam ANACHEM LOGO.jpg We would like to thank Anachem for supplying us with plasticware and KAPA Biosystems 2G Robust Enzyme for colony PCR.
Cam Vwr logo.gif We are very grateful to VWR for supplying us with some solvents which are essential to our work.
Cam Genflow logo final.jpg We would like to thank Geneflow for providing us with an inclusion body kit at short notice.
Camfisher.jpg We would like to thank Fisher Scientific for various reagents and consumables at short notice.
Camclontech.jpg We would like to thank Clontech for a generous monetary donation.