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<h3green>NEW!</h3green> <regulartext> QGEM is hiring for the 2012 season! </regulartext>  
<h3green>NEWS</h3green> <regulartext> QGEM is hiring for the 2012 season! <span class="classgreent"><a href="">Click here</a><span> for more information.  </regulartext>  

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NEWS QGEM is hiring for the 2012 season! Click here for more information.
Project Goals


This summer, 19 students from Queen's University designed and implemented a genetic engineering project for the annual iGEM Competition. Meet the team, check out our project description or see our photos!


✓ Have an amazing summer in the lab

✓ Use C. elegans as a multicellular chassis

✓ Fully characterize three parts in C. elegans

✓ Win a Gold Medal at iGEM Americas Jamboree

✓ Advance to World Championship Jamboree

Nemoremediation: Giving C. elegans a Bioremediation Toolkit

Photo Gallery


2011 Partners

Click here to see our full list of generous sponsors.



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