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Choosing our Favourites

All of our parts labelled as 'favourites' on our parts registry page have been fully characterized.

Our favourite parts included two chemotaxis constructs and one fluorescent construct.

Fluorescent Construct: eCFP

BBa_K631037 - GPC-1:eCFP:UNC-54

This is our favourite fluorescence construct! It is a composite part for our reporter system using cyano-fluorescent protein under the GPC-1 promoter that expressed successfully!

Length: 3787

ADBR2 Chemotaxis Construct

BBa_K631032 - ODR7:ADBR2:UNC-54

The other favourite chemotaxis contruct is also under the ODR-7 promoter. This composite is part designed to place the non-native ADBR2 receptor protein, also acquired from Mus musculus, into the neurons of the worm to give it the ability to detect phenol (albuteroll).

Length: 3666

OX1R Chemotaxis Construct

BBa_K631031 - ODR7:OX1R:UNC-54

This is one of our favourite chemotaxis constructs! It is a composite part designed to place the non-native GPCR, OX1R, into the neurons of the worm using the ODR-7 promoter, acquired from Mus musculus, for expression in the AWA olfactory neurons. This should give our worm the ability to detect cholorobenzoic acid!

Length: 3660