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Undergraduate Members

Adrian McNeely

Adrian is a biochemist. He enjoys long walks on the beach, red wine, and successful PCRs.

Tony He

Tony is a life scientist, who performs "magic tricks" to turn things on paper into living things. He enjoys the outdoors and various sports, and wishes to eventually become the magician of life and health.

Stephanie Zhou

Stephanie Zhou's interest in Synthetic Biology began in 2008 with a research project on using GM models in cancer genetics. Stephanie will be majoring in Life Sciences and, inspired by the work of Dr. David Larson (UCSF), she hopes to ultimately study radiation oncology.

Olivia Margie

Olivia is a life scientist by day and breakdancer by night. As such she works by keeping the team fresh, in perspective and style

Alex Campbell

Alex is an engineering chemist/biochemist who enjoys skiing, squash and cottaging. He recently acquired superpowers after being bitten by a radioactive nematode.

Allister Smith

Allister is a biochemical engineer. Mr. Smith enjoys mountain biking, the continuous shooting mode on his camera and is responsible for all spelling mistakes on the Wiki.

David Dai

David is a life scientist. He spent his time this summer between Faculty Advisor meetings, excursions in Peru and conducting hours of pre-lab research.

Sophie Gong

Sophie is a life scientist. She enjoys kayaking, photography, and classical music. She acts as the team strongwoman, standing up to the most gruesome grad student or nefarious nematode.

Kevin Chen

Kevin is a biochemist. Between unicycling, breakdancing and juggling, Kevin is the master of fast digests and gel electrophoresis.

Kristina Collavino

Kristina is a biochemical engineer. When not heat shocking, she can be found playing soccer, listening to the Backstreet Boys and attending Friday afternoon 'Rituals'.

Eni Rukaj

Eni is a biomedical scientist. She enjoys primer design, afternoon Iced Capps from Timmies, and the thrilling feeling of being in the lab.

Faisal Bakhteyar

Faisal is a biochemical engineer. Between synthetic biology, spending three months as a volunteer in Botswana and taking pictures, Faisal always has time to cheer on his favourite FC, Barcelona.

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Ian Chin-Sang
Faculty: Arts & Sciences
Department: Biology
Position: Associate Professor
Research: Molecular Genetics of C. elegans Development
Dr. William Bendena
Faculty: Arts & Sciences
Department: Biology
Position: Professor
Research: Insect molecular biology, insect neuropeptides/receptors
Dr. Peter Greer
Faculty: Health Sciences
Department: Biochemistry
Position: Professor of Biochemistry, Pathology & Molecular Medicine
Research: Cancer Signal Transduction
Dr. Kenton Ko
Faculty: Arts & Sciences
Department: Biology
Position: Professor
Research: Protein trafficking and functional proteomics
Dr. Paul Young
Faculty: Arts & Sciences
Department: Biology
Position: Professor
Research: Cell cycle genetics and molecular biology
Dr. Juliana Ramsay
Faculty: Engineering and Applied Science
Department: Chemical Engineering
Position: Professor
Research: Bioremediation, pollution treatment and fermentation
Mission Statement

The objective of the Queen’s Genetically Engineered Machine (QGEM) Team is to provide a learning opportunity to a team of Queen’s students by supporting them to allow them to compete at the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition (iGEM).

The team will develop their genetic engineering project, complete it over the course of the summer and then prepare for the iGEM competition in the fall.

Completing an iGEM project will give the students experience in applying engineering and biological principles to solve real‐world problems, while allowing them to gain a broader knowledge base and learn to work in an interdisciplinary team environment.


Media - Allister Smith, unless otherwise referenced

Diagrams - Allister Smith & Stephanie Zhou, unless otherwise referenced

Novel Approach to Human Practices, Bioterrorism- Adrian McNeely, edit by team

Method of PCR Ligation - Tony He, Alex Campbell and Stephanie Zhou

Wiki Content & Information - QGEM 2011, unless otherwise referenced

Connect With Us

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Biosciences Complex, Room 2422
Queen's University
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Kingston, Ontario, Canada
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Members of the 2011 Queen's University iGEM Team.