Team:Queens Canada/Side/Reporter



In designing our worm to be the ultimate remediation tool, it is important for to differentiate the worm from wild types. We designed a reporter system using eCFP (enhanced cyano fluorescent protein) to distinguish the worm. This can make our worm a useful tool by making detection as easy and as simple as possible.

There are many different applications of fluorescence for bioremediation purposes, both in situ and ex situ .

Construct: Fluorescent Worms

Our team successfully injected C. elegans with a reporter construct. The image below shows the AWB neuron expressing cyan fluorescence.

This construct demonstrated our neuron specific promoter and fluorescent protein operated as they were designed to.

The next step for fluorescent worms is to use a constitutive promoter for localization to all the body cells.

In Situ Applications
Ex Situ Applications