Team:Queens Canada/Partners/Acknowledgements


Tony Papanicolaou, Jeff Boudreau and the Chin-Sang Lab

Everyone at the Chin-Sang lab, particularly the technicians Tony Papanicolaou and Jeff Boudreau, were extraordinarily helpful this summer. We are heavily indebted to their constant advice, training and troubleshooting practices (and supplying countless supplies when our stocks ran low!). We would also like to thank Tony for the microinjection training and always being around with a cheerful smile.

You can find out more about the groundbreaking research being conducted by the Chin-Sang lab here.

Chris Palmer, Steven Goldie, Geoff Halliday and QGEM 2010

Last year's Queen's_Canada team was a great help to transition the 2011 crew. Chris Palmer acted as our Hiring & Transitions Manager and got the team up-to-speed on synthetic biology practices and the iGEM Competition. In addition, he was often frantically called in to answer questions and provide additional support. Our Winter/Spring Team Manager, Steve Goldie, was responsible for all preparations for the team entering the lab this summer. Geoff Halliday was an invaluable asset with his tech-savvy recommendations for the 2011 Wiki.

Check out the Queens_Canada 2010 Project Wiki for a comprehensive look at C. elegans and the team members behind it all.

QGEM Executive and the 2009 Team

QGEM 2011 would not be possible without the foundational effort put forth by the founding members of iGEM at Queen's. Harry Zhou and James MacLeod were not only co-founders of QGEM 2009, but have been instrumental in securing funding for the 2010 & 2011 teams. They have also been a continual resource throughout the years.

The 2011 executive was a team of undergraduates who worked in the winter semester to recruit, train and prepare the summer team members for the iGEM stretch. Led by Steve Goldie, they ensured a smooth transition and quick startup of lab work.