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Interview Twelve

Question 1: Do you know what Synthetic Biology is?

Not real, due to the word synthetic. Man made.

Question 2: How do you feel about Synthetic Biology?

Should leave nature alone, not be interfered with.

Question 3: why do you feel this way?

Because we interfere with nature to much, if we interfere with it we could mess up our world which we live in.

Question 4: Has the media influenced your decision?

No, don’t pay attention to that “rubbish”.

Question 6: Do you know what Genetic Modification is?

Interfering again, similar to Synthetic Biology.

Question 6: How do you feel about Genetic Modification?

Leave things alone, shouldn’t mix different parts of organisms together to see what happens. Just let nature be.

Question 7: why do you feel this way?

Believe in Mother Nature and that it should not be interfered with. Nature looks after itself.

Question 8: Has the media influenced your opinion? No.

Question 9: Do you think either of the above approaches could be used to help the world and if so, how?

Shouldn’t have started exploring this avenue. Firmly against it. We can’t live forever, just accept life as what it is. (Asked antibiotics as an example) Antibiotics are a good thing. (Mention development of high yield rice in Asia) Sees a better knowledge of contraceptives rather than feeding a massively growing population as a solution.

Question 10: would you feel possibly different about either approach if more information was readily available?

10. I don’t know, already have strong views based on it, difficult to change.