Team:Amsterdam/Human Outreach/Collaboration/Yale



During the iGEM competition we cooperate with the iGEM team of Yale. In our project we try to shift the minimum growth temperature from 7°C to 0°C or even lower. If we can achieve this, additional expression of antifreeze proteins might drive the minimum temperature down even further. Antifreeze proteins (AFPs) facilitate survival at subzero temperatures by binding small ice crystals and inhibiting their growth or interact with cell membranes to protect them from cold damage. This year, the iGEM team of Yale also incorporates AFPs in their project. For this reason a cooperation was brought to life between the iGEM teams of Yale and Amsterdam. IGEM team Yale sent us three different AFPs: RiAFP, TmAFP, ZeAFP (see our project description), which we can incorporate in our project. Unfortunately, due to logistics, we had no time to use the Yale's AFPs. However, we encourage future teams that would like to use our CryoBricks to also use AFPs.