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Help Us

To realise our project, we currently seek funding. The expenses should eventually cover registration fee, materials, lab work and travel costs. Through IndieGoGo, we hope to gather a small amount of our project's total budget. Much more financing is required, but every small bit helps. Hopefully we can count on your help to finish our project. Click here if you want to donate!

Perks for your contribution:

If you donate $1,-:

We thank you for sponsoring us!

If you donate $5,-:

We will send you a PDF of the poster that will be shown at the European Jamboree in Amsterdam.

If you donate $10,-:

At the end of the project, we will send you a PDF with the results. This document will also contain information about the project and an explanation of these results.

If you donate $25,-:

Your name will be placed on our wiki.

If you donate $50,- or more:

Your name and photo will be placed on our wiki. We will also announce on our Twitter and on our Facebook that you have sponsored us.

Our contributors so far:

We would like to give a special thanks to dr. Aljosha Wahl for donating 50 dollars. Aljosha is an assistant professor for Metabolic Systems Engineering in Bioprocess Technology group at the TU Delft. Moreover, Aljosha is on of the supervisors of the TU Delft's iGEM team. Thanks Aljosha!