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Escherichia coli's optimal growth temperature is 37°C. Growth rate decreases drastically at lower temperatures, and completely halts below 7°C. Our project aims to increase E. coli’s cold tolerance, by expressing several chaperone proteins normally found in psychrophillic bacteria. Chaperone proteins regulate structure of biological molecules, like proteins and RNA, in some cases safeguarding their function at low temperatures. By expressing psychrophillic chaperones, we aim to enhance E. coli's cold resistance in two ways. Growth rate is increased at temperatures below 37°C, possibly even enabling growth at 0°C, and E. coli’s ability to survive freezing environments is enhanced. Expression of psychrophile chaperones is achieved through BioBricks, combining promoters and ribosome binding sites characterised by previous iGEM teams with newly synthesized coding regions. Our team has successfully expressed two psychrophile chaperones in E. coli. We demonstrate CspC enhances the survival rate of frozen E. coli, and investigate putative novel functions of Cpn10.

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We have finished our website and are now getting ready for an entire week focussing on the presentation, poster and all the other preparations. In a couple of hours all the European wiki's will be frozen, so we will not be able to change anything till the 3th of October. Luckily for us we have confirmed that our icE.coli will survive this wiki freeze. Hopefully we will see you all in Amsterdam next week.


Media attention by Bionieuws

We got media attention by the magizine for biologists: Bionieuws. Every two weeks, new and exciting bionews is published. This time, Bionieuws has an article dedicated to the iGEM competition, iGEM team Amsterdam and the project IcE. coli.


Interview with Robbert Dijkgraaf

Today two of our teammembers went to the UvA for an interview with Robbert Dijkgraaf. Dijkgraaf is a professor in Mathematical Physics at the University of Amsterdam and president of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. We talked to him about Synthetic Biology: the dangers and the impact on society, but also about what scientists can do to involve the public in the debate. More information on this interview can be found here


Media attention by C2W and Elsevier Science

Again, we got media attention by two scientific magazines: C2W and Elsevier Science. Read the article of C2W here and that of Elsevier Science here .


Last day of biobrickbuilding

Today was the last day to finish the constructs. All our parts have been sent to the iGEM headquarters and the last growth experiments have started. Next week we will focus on collecting the last results and finishing the wiki before the wikifreeze next wednesday.


Media attention by Ad Valvas

One of our university papers, Ad Valvas, has interviewed us about our project. In the article, members of iGEM team Amsterdam tells the story about our 'cool' bacteria and human outreach projects. Click here to read their story.


Meeting of Young Minds in Delft

To help the political youth parties with their debate, the iGEM team in Delft, in cooperation with the Rathenau institute, has organized an entire to discuss ethics and iGEM. It was a very interesting day. We'd like to thank Delft for organizing this succesful day. More information on this day can be read here


Ethics discussion with Dwars

Today, two of our teammates traveled to Utrecht to be present at a meeting of DWARS, the youth department of the political party Groen Links ('Green Left'). The meeting was held to discuss synthetic biology. We started by giving a small presentation on synthetic biology, iGEM and the ethical side of our research. After presenting this information, we participated in a stimulating debate. Overall it was a very fruitful evening and we think that both sides came in touch with interesting new perspectives. More information on this discussion can be found here.


First succesful assemblies!

After many weeks of trial and error, the first assemblies have succeeded! Armed with fresh construction intermediates, the race is on to make and characterize our CryoBricks!


Introduction day at faculty VU

Today, the introduction days at the VU started. The freshmen were shown around campus and were introduced to several departments and committees. Our iGEM team arranged to be part of this day in order to have the opportunity to introduce our project to the freshman. Read more...


Team Amsterdam among favourites

Team Amsterdam is one of the teams to watch out for during the competition, says Christian Lund, a medicine student from Denmark. He participated in last year’s iGEM competition and is now following the progress of the different teams. Read more...


We now have a newssection. This way you can keep up with the interesting things that happen during our project.

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