All work on the project was carried out by the student members of our team.

Jantine Broek Public Relations and fund raising
Paul van Dieken Maintaining wiki, labwork and a bit of everything else
Isoude Kuijper Modeler and labwork
Jorick Mul Deadline manager and labwork
Sandra van der Nat Public Relations, fund raising and maintaining wiki
Bas Stringer Lab Manager and programmer
Yuri van Warmerdam Protocol design and lab work

The following supervisors were available at all times to advise and instruct the team's students.

Domenico Bellomo General supervisor with professional experience in iGEM
Pernette Verschure General supervisor and head of the group of the lab environment
Frederic Cremazy Daily supervisor during our lab period
Lisette Anink Daily supervisor during our lab period
Diewertje Piebes Daily supervisor during our lab period
Douwe Molenaar Advisor specialized in modeling
Bas Teusink Advisor