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Meeting of Young Minds

The establishment of Rathenau Institute was to promote the formation of political and public opinion on science and technology. This has lead the Institute to study the organization and development of science systems, publish about social impact of new technologies, and organize debates on issues and dilemmas in science and technology.
To stimulate interaction between youth departments of political parties (PYO) and the iGEM participants, Rathenau Institute and the European iGEM committee are organizing a Meeting of Young Minds (MYM) between PYOs and the participants of iGEM 2011. The aim of this Meeting is to introduce the general public to synthetic biology and its possible implications for society. Due to the pace of developments in this field, now is the time to start informing political organizations and the public about synthetic biology.
As one of the Dutch iGEM teams, we participated in this event. The entire organization was spread over several meetings:

Kick-off meeting MYM

The kick-off Meeting took place on the 30th of September in the NEMO museum. During this meeting, members of Dutch iGEM teams and PYOs were challenged in a debate on synthetic biology and the political, societal and ethical issues this rapidly developing techno science might raise. Before the debate started off, an introductory on synthetic biology and iGEM was offered by the Rathenau Institute and previous iGEM members of TU Delft. Thaks to this presentation members of the PYOs and iGEM had enough knowledge to proceed with the discussion.

Jump-start event MYM

On September first 2011, the iGEM team of TU Delft together with the Rathenau Institute organized the follow-up of the Kick-off Meeting of Young Minds: Jump-start Event Meeting of Young Minds. The aim of this Jump-start was to deepen the discussion of the political, societal and ethical issues of SynBio. During this event, the iGEM teams of TU Delft, Wageningen and Amsterdam gave a presentation about their project and its ethical, social an political implications. Following these iGEM presentations, a lab tour was organized at the TU Delft. The second part of the day consisted of expert talks in the field of politics (Chantal Gill'ard), society, synthetic biology (Huib de Vriend) and philosophical and cultural understandings (Henk van den Belt). Eventually, an interactive session was planned of two SynBio Futures vignettes with Chantal Gill'ard, Han de Winde and Frans Brom.

Debate PYO

On the evening preceding the iGEM Jamboree in Amsterdam the finale debate is organized at VU University Amsterdam on 30 September 2011. During this debate, members of iGEM 2011 and PYOs will participate. The participating PYOs during this debate are:

A promo clip for the meeting of young minds.
This clip is produced by the Rathenau Institute and placed here with their approval.
For more information on the Meeting of Young Minds have a look at their website