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In June, we were fortunate enough to be right next to the Fifth International Meeting on Synthetic Biology, held at Stanford University. Our entire team attended this three-day long conference, a gathering of the world's eminent figures in synthetic biology. We heard from some of the founding leaders of synthetic biology, researchers, industry representatives, members of the DIY bio community, educators, and students.

Brown-Stanford was not the only iGEM team in attendance at the conference. We had the chance to meet with delegations from other teams around the world and make new friends before the Jamboree. The conversations we began with other iGEMers grew into the collaborative efforts we engaged in this summer.

Featured speakers at SB5.0
Workshop discussions
iGEM teams meet up!

Synthetic Biology Slam

SB5.0 was also the introduction of the world's first Synthetic Biology Slam, an open-mic event where participants shared their ideas for the future of synbio- pressing needs, new conceptualizations of the field, project ideas, etc.

Team member and spoken word poet EVAN CLARK wowed the audience with a performance celebrating the magic of weaving genes and words to create something inspirational. Check out what many attendees considered the highlight of the night!