We would like to thank our sponsors for their support this iGEM season

NASA Synthetic Biology Initiative

NASA generously hosted us in their facility at Ames for the whole summer! Brown-Stanford Sponsor NASA SBI.png

Biomatters, Ltd.

Biomatters kindly provided each team member with temporary Geneious 5.4 Pro licenses Brown-Stanford Sponsor Geneious logo.png

Rhode Island Space Grant Foundation

We’d like to thank the Rhode Island Space Grant Foundation for their funding. Brown-Stanford Sponsor RISG.png

Brown University

Each year, Brown’s Office of the Dean of the College supports a team of students to do iGEM for a summer. File:Brown-Stanford Sponsor Brown.gif
We are grateful for the administrative and technical support of the Brown Department of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry, and the Brown Planetary Geosciences Group.
We’d like to thank Brown’s Center for Computational Molecular Biology and in particular, Professor Sorin Istrail for their financial support.
We'd also like to thank the Provost at Brown University for supporting our team!

Stanford University

We'd like to thank Stanford's Human Biology program for supporting our members on the west coast Brown-Stanford Sponsor Stanford HumBio.png
Stanford Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
The Stanford Fund

Special acknowledgements

Special thanks to all of our subjects who agreed to be interviewed for our human practices feature on Space and Synthetic Biology, to Tripp Leavitt (Stanford '11) and Patricia Chou (Brown '12) for assistance in apparel design.