About Us

We are the combined iGEM team of Brown University and Stanford University, working together across three thousand miles and four time zones to develop synthetic biology applications for space exploration.

iGEM, or the International Genetically Engineered Machines Competition, is an annual competition at MIT that aims to advance the field of synthetic biology -- the science of creating machines from biological parts.

Our team is composed of nine undergraduates and recent graduates working under the guidance of post-doctoral students and professors. We are always looking to share our passion for the exciting new field of synthetic biology, so please make sure to contact us with any questions.

Who we are


In order from the left: Max Song (Brown '14), Evan Clark (Stanford '14), Ryan Kent (Stanford '11), Andre Burnier (Brown '10.5), Julius Ho (Brown '12), Jesse Palmer (Stanford '11), Eli Moss (Brown '11), Jovian Yu (Brown '12), Lei Ma (Brown '13)

Faculty Advisors:


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All work on the projects described on this website was performed this summer by team members, with occasional helpful advising from others in the lab.

Additionally, all Wiki design and materials were generated by team members except when noted otherwise.