Our team was fortunate to attend a variety of exciting events this summer. These included the Fifth International Meeting on Synthetic Biology (SB5.0), a filming session with the BBC, and Maker Faire NYC. We also created a documentary about the ethics of synthetic biology in space exploration. At each opportunity, we spread our enthusiasm about synthetic biology in space with those around us. In bridging the gap between scientists and the general public, we tried to paint an exciting vision of the future where synthetic biology and humanity's expansion to the stars are closely intertwined. Check out our highlights!

Evan Clark perform a great poem at the First Annual Synthetic Biology Slam Andre explains our project to Charles Bolden, Administrator of NASA and former astronaut We also met with congressional staffers to promote the concept of synthetic biology We presented a poster at the Lunar Science Forum in July, 2011
Team members explain to two children at Maker Faire how we're going to Mars The NASA Advisory Council toured our lab Filming our balloon launch with the BBC We partnered with other iGEM teams to create an outreach website for primary and secondary students