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The Team

The team consists of seven students from Amsterdam's two universities: the VU and the UvA. In the short paragraphs below, you can find out about who they are and what role they play in team iGEM Amsterdam 2011.

Jantine Broek

Studies: Biomolecular Sciences
Team Role: Public Relations and fund raising

As a biochemistry and biophysics major, Jantine is interested in what makes cells tick on the molecular level. She chooses to participate in iGEM not only for the interesting research, but also because it is a unique opportunity to develop other skills invaluable to scientific research: PR, sponsoring, communication, creative skills and, of course, the subtle art of teamwork.

Paul van Dieken

Studies: Biomolecular Sciences
Team Role: Maintaining wiki, labwork and a bit of everything else:)

Paul is currently following the Biomolecular Sciences master at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. As his main area of interests are both genomics and proteomics, iGEM provides the perfect opportunity for an exciting summerproject. He is also interested in exploring the fascinating possibilities of creating molecular machines, as the applications of synthetic biology is not limited to the field of Biomolecular Sciences.

Isoude Kuijper

Studies: Systems Biology
Team Role: Modeler and labwork

After completing a BSc study in Biology, Isoude came to the conclusion that she would like to do some more math and modeling in her study and decided to become a System Biology student. This field of study is not only appealing because of the nice balance of biology, math and programming but also because it is a combined study of the VU and UvA. Isoude likes long walks and boardgames.

Jorick Mul

Studies: Systems Biology
Team Role: Deadline manager and labwork

After completing a BSc study in Biochemistry, Jorick wanted to do a master study that allowed him to learn more about data processing of lab results. This is the reason he is doing the MSc "Systems Biology" in Amsterdam. He is intrigued with his new field of study and is very happy to be a part of this iGEM team. His interests lie mostly in music and drumming. Of course he also likes partying with his team members.

Sandra van der Nat

Studies: Biology spec. Science communication
Team Role: Public Relations, fund raising and maintaining wiki

Sandra is following the Biology master at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, where she specializes in Science communication and Ecology. Her interests lie in translating scientific discoveries into a language that everyone can understand. This makes iGEM a real challenge. In the team she mainly focuses on PR and fundraising, allowing her to translate the labwork of her teammates for the rest of the world to understand, and explaining the importance of synthetic biology.

Bas Stringer

Studies: Systems Biology
Team Role: Lab Manager and modeler

Having completed a BSc study in Biology, Bas decided to continue at the VU, studying Systems Biology. His interests include molecular and microbial biology, programming and modelling. He plays bass guitar in a band, practices dim mak and karate, and likes to party as much as the next student, if not slightly more so.

Yuri van Warmerdam

Studies: Systems Biology
Team Role: Protocol design and lab work

Having completed his Bsc in Biochemistry, Yuri is continuing his studies in the Msc in Systems Biology. He is most interested in combining lab work with computer modeling. He also strongly believes in the ability of Synthetic Biology to create sustainable energy sources and cradle to cradle consumer products. In his spare time he likes gaming, comics and hosting parties in his beautiful new house.

Left to right, top to bottom: Jorick Mul, Isoude Kuijper, Sandra van der Nat, Jantine Broek, Paul van Dieken, Yuri van Warmerdam & Bas Stringer