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deneme baslik


Our K541545 part contains IPTG promoter and the gene part of LALF protein on a backbone which has resistance to chloramphenicol. We transported this part to E. coli for testing whether E. coli would stop its own growth like a suicide.
Assays of plates with and without IPTG
Assay 1: We streaked E. coli culture which has BBa_K541545. Media also included chloramphenicol and IPTG. As a control group, a plate that has no IPTG is prepared. We aimed to see less colonies comparing with control group.
Assay 2: This experiment was done in order to eliminate the possibility of toxic effect of IPTG. E.coli without IPTG promoter was streaked a plate that does not have IPTG. For a second plate, E.coli with PlacI promoter was added into plate with IPTG.