Team:Fatih Turkey/collaboration


deneme baslik

Collaborating with other iGEMers is very important. Science cannot be done lonely, helping other people in iGEM will develop this field of study. What goes around comes around.
During our lab studies, we were always keeping touch with other teams. We were helping each other and making some activities together.
We assisted the Bilkent_UNAM_Turkey team when they have some problems with their shuttle vector. We gived them our BBa_K541026 (Reflectin 1A (SacB) and LALF (LipA) protein for B.subtilis). Also, we helped them in the characterization of BBa_K090401 (Gram-positive Shuttle Vector for Episomal Expression), BBa_K090402 (B.subtilis Episomal Vector with Constitutive GFP) and BBa_K090403(Gram-positive Shuttle Vector for Chromosomal Integration) parts. And they helped us by providing some laboratory materials. Thanks for their great help.
Team Michigan asked for advice for the design of their board game. According to our experices gained while we are designing our own game, we stated some useful and important points. We were being glad to help them.
Thanks to METU-Ankara team for their kind invitation. Association of Synthetic Biology and METU-Ankara Team invited our team to Synthetic Biology Turkey Meetings 1.0 of iGEM Turkey Teams. This meeting was really enjoyable and informative.
We planned a little tournament of Canvas Town Game in the Asia and Europe Region Jamborees. For this organization, we asked helping from Region Asia and Europe Organization Committee and they helped us very quickly and politely. We played the game in the Europe Jamboree and the reaction of players was very positive.
We decided to rewrite B.subtilis chasis, Biobricks and their contents with Paris Bettencourt team. Thanks for their big help. We also shared our plasmids and protocols related to transformation of B.subtilis.
With these activities we were really enjoyed and informed.

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