Team:Fatih Turkey


deneme baslik

Overall Project

Sterilization is so critical in science, especially in medicine. We all try hard to get rid of very tiny creatures; but it is difficut sometimes. Then, we thought: What if a bacterium would stop the harmful kinds and keep the things clean? Check out our project that presents a new sterilization technique.


How to stop a gram negative bacteria? Well, some proteins do that. In our Project, Limulus anti-lipopolysaccharide factor binds gram negative cell Wall and stops its growth. Check out our LALF page to learn more about our protein.


The fellowship of colors... Our "rainbow" protein, reflectin, is the second protein we studied on. It is used as an indicator in our Project. To learn more, check out our reflectin page.


Our idea may seem reasonable and possible. But, you would have some doubts about it. See what we have done in our lab and how we tested our proteins.


We are constructing the future with BioBricks. If you are curious about the genes of experiments we designed; check out our parts submitted page.

Future Plan

It is just the beginning. Who would guess what will happen in next few years? Actually, we foreseen some applications about our proteins that may be very useful in the future. Check out the prospective projectsin our future plan page.

Canvas Town Game has been designed like that any person can play and learn very useful information about organisms, techniques and devices used mostly in a synthetic biology lab and about iGEM interesting Biobrick parts.