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deneme baslik


To remove infections B.subtilis spores from our Anti-LPS factor containing biofilm paste, fenton reagent is used before use against E.coli.

iGEM for 7 to 77

During funny summer in our project executions, we have also met hundreds of people from different ages in order to tell our project in iGEM competition and benefits of synthetic biology.


We have designed monopoly like game name "The Canvas Town" to inform people from any distinct education level about features of our project, laboratory equipments and interesting Biobrick of iGEM competition.

Canvas Times

a new journal of young scientists; it gives you the actual news of our lab and team

Outline and Detailed Human Practice

During our Human Practice studies, we have tried to tell our project, its usage areas, synthetic better life not only to our medical student friends coming from different schools through Turkey but also citizens, childrens, highschool students with the help of `Canvas Town` our novel board game, `iGEM for 7 to 77` our weekly open-lab to the public meetings and our `Canvas Times` great summer magazine containing all our human practice activities.
To be able to reach the best human practice prize;
1) Firstly, we aimed in our project, obtain an anti gram negative surface with using B. subtilis and E.coli bacteria. E. coli is killing by B. subtilis with B. subtilis’s own new protein LALF. But B. subtilis is a gram positive and this surface can’t protect us from some pathogenic effects of B.Subtilis’s spores. For protecting from B. subtilis we used the sporocide method as a non-used B.subtilis procedure in iGEM useful for further B.subtilis synthetic biology projects. Fenton Reagent in Sporocide methode is making our project more safety and useful as wanted in Human practice safety issue approaching way of our project.
2) Secondly we have informed people about our project, synthetic biology and iGEM competition, and draw their attention to genetics.
- We prepared a board game named “The Canvas Town” to inform people from any distinct education level about features of our project, laboratory equipments and interesting Biobrick parts of iGEM competıtion. We have played several times with lots of people some of them are a group of gifted children and the Turkey’s other iGEM teams and it was very funny and informative.
-Our one of the most important goals is to introduce iGEM and Synthetic Biology to the students in Turkey. But we did not want to limit ourselves by choosing only same age groups and we asked to several ages of people “what do you want from your bacteria to do for you?” With this question we went to a kindergarten and we gave very interesting answers. The children were very interested about genetics, synthetic biology and microorganisms. Also we asked the same question to students of our university and the ideas were very funny and useful for synthetic biology. With these activities we drew their attention to genetics, synthetic biology and iGEM.
-Second International Medical Student Conference in Ankara had performed on April 2011 and it’s organized by University of Fatih Medical Faculty. In the conference, synthetic biology and iGEM competition related presentation was performed to inform medical school students coming from different medical schools in Turkey and also from out of Turkey ie. Japan.
3) Thirdly we have showed people that the benefits of synthetic biology and microorganisms
-We strove for the innovation and presentation of synthetic biology to people. As a medical school, our hospital has its own quarterly magazine, “Yasama Sanati” (in English: The Art of Living). We decided that we could mention about iGEM and synthetic biology; thus we wrote an article that told the bacteria is not too much harmful living creature to humans as it is seen nowadays. In fact, we mentioned that bacteria would become very handy, helpful and intelligent “machines” in appropriate conditions. We listed the former experiments and parts that took place in iGEM competition and gave some examples about what to do next. With this article lots of people informed and their some negative sentiments about the microorganisms and synthetic biology would be changed.
4) We have prepared a journal which is named “Canvas Times” and it gives you the actual news of our lab and team. Also you can learn about our project and read our columnist and you can travel our peace and quiet town the Canvas Town. “Canvas Times” a new journal of young scientists; it gives you the actual news of our lab and team. During our lab working, we could find some time to fun and talk with people about our project, synthetic biology and iGEM... Our all of activities and human practices are existed on our journal such as “iGEM Picnic” and “International Medical Students Conference. Therewithal you will find some information of our university and faculty. You can find it all of stores.