Team:UNIST Korea/human practice/acknowledgement



Dr.Yoon Kyoung Cho                                                            Dr.Cheol Min Ghim
Associate Professor                                                              Assistant Professor
            School of NanoBiochemical Science                                           School of NanoBiochemical Science
UNIST,Korea                                                                         UNIST , Korea

We thank Dr. Cho and Dr. Ghim for their financial and technical support throughout our project

Special Thanks to

Dr. Sung Kuk Lee
Ms. Young Shin Ryu
Ms. Euna Lee
Mr. JaeMyung Lee
Ms. Goo Hee Kim
Ms Jung Min Park
Mr. SungHun Jung
Mr. HyunMo Yang
Ms. Vinuselvi Parisutham
Mr. Min Choi
Mr. Gibeom Kim
Mr. Yong Sun Park
for their solid encouragements, technical assistance, scientific discussions and motivations

We also thank all members of NBC for their kind support and solid encouragement


EeSeul Shin- Light Sensor Module
JaeSung Yoo- Temperature Sensor Module
Bokeun Song- Signal Processor Module
Yu-Lim Lee- Lysis Module
Min Choi-Web programing
Gibum Kim-Web programing
Yong Sun Park-Web programing