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Human Practice

Media Attention: We published an article in Korean language to introduce synthetic biology and iGEM competition to all universities in Korea. To do this we gathered a simple description of the projects of all 4 iGEM teams from South Korea (KAIST , Korea Univesity , CBNU, UNIST) and finally summarized it. We believe that this article would reach all universities of Korea and would motivate few other undergraduates to join hands for Synthetic Biology. Visit for more details.


Collaboration with CBNU_KOREA TEAM

UNIST_KOREA Team & CBNU_KOREA Team held a regular meeting once at a month . We shared our idea and discussed how to prepare for iGEM competetion. Computer engineers from ChungBuk National University helped us a lot in terms of modeling. We provide a sequence analysis and other molecular analysis. We are planning to have a nice trip in the HongKong!

Sowing Synthetic Seeds in the Young Minds of High School Students

On September 3rd, we organized a small symposium with high school students from Korea Science Academy and National University of Singapore. The students belonged to mathematics and science departments. We discussed future aspects of synthetic biology and its detailed applications for bio-fuel production. We believe that the seeds to harvest synthetic fruits should be laid even from the very young age.

Special lecture on synthetic biology – August 24th

We organized a special lecture on synthetic biology (Synthetic Biology : Advances and Threats) to non-biologists in UNIST Students from different departments like Electrical Engineering Department, Chemical Engineering Department, Technology management and Physics department were present at the session. We discussed the possible strategies we have to control the Genetically Modified Organisms when it is exposed to nature. After special lecture, we went to the pub and discussed a lot about the future of the world and the role of synthetic biology in designing the future!

Elite Of Elites (Combination of Mathematicians, Physicist and Biologists)

On September 10th, we organized a co-seminar with EOE (Elite of Elites), Mathematics and Physics club in UNIST supported by Korean government, discussed about role of synthetic biology in future and the importance of mathematical modeling for gene regulation. We believe that a team of mathematicians, physicist and biologist would help in forming a flourishing synthetic organism. We believe that the complexity of life could be simplified with mathematical calculations and physical laws. More well-defined biological systems would also be offered a warmer welcome in the general public.

Workshop – July 26th-27h

We organized a 2-day workshop in the July 26th-27th. The majority of the participants were professors, researchers and graduate students. We discussed about our iGEM idea and current topics in synthetic biology. It was honor for we undergraduates to do presentation in front of the synthetic biology experts.