Team:UNIST Korea/experiment/data sheet



This page lists the parts which we constructed, improved or used unmodified in our project.

How does our system works:

Data for our favorite new part

1.BBa_K526002- A basic bio-brick part that would help our Chop. coli to sense the temperature of the environment.Fermentor and incubators will be at 37 ⁰C and the environment will be usually 25-30⁰C. The temperature dependent ribo-switch present in this part will prevent inhibit translation at 37⁰C and favor translation at temperatures less than 30⁰C.

2. BBa_K526000- It is a composite biobrick part that could be used along with the light receptor, Cph8 and reporter genes expressed under fim inversion promoter systems. However, due to the higher leaky level of Pompc this system was not able to perform as expected.

Data for pre-existing bio-brick part

Featured Part: BBa_K592000 and BBa_K508107- We reduced the leaky level of the light receptor by controlling the expression of the transcription repressor, cI, through light. This system would help us regulate multiple genes (that are expressed from cI regulated promoters) simultaneously with a single light input. We also report the presence of cross talk between the light receptor and the osmo-regulatory response regulator.

We’ve also characterized the following biobrick parts

BBa_K526001- It is the last segment of a composite biobrick composed of the light receptors, Cph8 and BBa_K526000. The reporter gene expressed from this biobrick is the genes for DpnI enzymes (originally belongs to Streptococcus pneumonia). However, we could not see the complete digestion of the DNA in darkness. We suspect that the expression level might not sufficient to digest the entire DNA. We are trying to optimize the RBS of these genes to favor higher expression and complete digestion of the genomic DNA. Biobricks parts under construction

We are trying to clone the DpnI enzymes under PBAD promoter in order to optimize its RBS and the expression level. But we could not accomplish this on time.