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Who we are


  • Bernadette Miramontes: Plays sax
  • Erika Kirgios: Math nerd
  • Eva Niklinski: A fencer.. She gets the point
  • Drake Rozenboom: Is tired even with coffee
  • Alex Mandrici: The Big Italian Guy
  • Sam Sharkey: Swims like a shark
  • Tony Spalding: Extraordinary runner


  • Prof. George Twaddle: Mentor for all.
  • Dr. Madden: Super problem solver.
  • Prof. Abdulla Aghdasi: Nanotech, real nice!

What we did

We used standard parts from the Registry from the Gronigen Team (K190015: ArsR-regulated promoter) and the Endy Lab (E0840: GFP-generator) and from the MIT 2006 Team (J45119: Wintergreen generator). We made two composite parts with the ArsR-regulated promoter and the GFP-generator or the Wintergreen generator. We then joined them together to make our device which scientifically detects arsenic by a green fluorescent glow and warns about arsenic with a wintergreen smell, in case you don't have any scientific equipment.

Where we're from

Mandrici is from Riley High School, South Bend, IN
Miramontes, Niklinska, Sharkey and Kirgios are from Penn High School, Mishawaka, IN
Rozenboom and Spalding are from Marian High School, Mishawaka, IN